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The Andalus Collection is infused with the splendour and romaticsim of that great architectural jewel, the Alhambra Palace.


Our Andalus Collection is named in celebration of the great cultural achievements of the al-Andalus region, which stretched across most of Spain and Portugal from the 8th century until 1492, culminating in its rulership under the Nasrid dynasty. This was one of the great high points – and possibly the most distinguished – of the Islamic civilization that radiated from the Middle East and the Maghreb during this period. It was also a truly inspiring model of cross-cultural and inter-faith tolerance, leading to a vibrant exchange of ideas.

The cities of al-Andalus, such as Cordoba, were filled with vast libraries, universities and centres of learning. Scholars of all faiths, Jewish and Christian as well as Muslim, and from across Spain, Europe and the Islamic world, flocked to al-Andalus to study the most advanced discoveries in science, mathematics and philosophy. Long before the revival of classical learning in Italy, there was already a Renaissance in al-Andalus.

The cultural splendour of al-Andalus remains visible to this day in its thrilling architecture. Most famous of all is the gloriously romantic Alhambra Palace of Granada. Its celebrated fountains, the elaborate geometry of its arabesques, as well as the exuberant calligraphy and delicate filigree adorning its walls, are inspirations that permeate our Andalus Collection.



“Cordoba” Jewellery Box from the Andalus Collection is made of figured blue sycamore wood with metal inlay, with an interior in Alcantara.