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The Cha-Jing Collection is named after China’s (and possibly the world’s) greatest treatise on tea.


The Cha-Jing Collection pays homage to “The Classic of Tea” (Cha-Jing) by Lu Yu. Written in 780 AD, during the vibrant Tang dynasty, it is still widely regarded as the greatest treatise on tea in China (and possibly the world), well over a thousand years later. The reverence felt for this sophisticated book, and the importance of tea for the Chinese, is made clear by its very title – placing it on the same hallowed level as the Classics of Confucius.

The historic, rich and detailed instructions for enjoying tea in this masterpiece are the foundation and inspiration for our Cha-Jing collection. On our journey through the book we are introduced to a wide spectrum of visual nuances, colours, materials and distinct flavours. Whilst learning what utensils should be used, how tea should be properly prepared and drunk, and of course how it should be stored (Lu Yu recommends fire-heated bamboo cupboards for keeping tea dry in the rainy season), we dreamed up the Tea Humidor designs that we felt did justice to this all-time-great. “Classics of Tea” in their own right, the Cha-Jing Collection’s offerings too can be opened like a book to reveal a fascinating world of tea between their covers.