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The panache and style of elegant lines, striking motifs and dramatic contrasts are the hallmarks of the Déco Collection.


The Déco Collection is inspired by the Arts Décoratifs movement (Art Déco) that flourished between 1910 and 1939. It remains wonderfully evocative of that era: swinging jazz bands, opulent ocean cruise liners, giddying skyscrapers, glamorous hotel interiors and the early days of air travel. Art Déco was a truly international and pioneering style. Its dream was to bridge the divide between high art and the everyday world. And its style of architecture and design remains a highly visible presence in so many of the world’s skylines (most famously in New York), underground stations (as in London) and public buildings (from Buenos Aires to Shanghai).

Art Déco is an inspiring emblem for an inclusive and pluralistic approach to design. It celebrates the multi-cultural world with an eclectic mélange of styles, marrying tradition and modernity, artisanal craft and contemporary techniques of production. Functionality is coupled with dazzling ornament, the geometrical elegance of Cubism united with motifs from African, Asian or Oceanic art and sculpture, and the bold and playful colours of Fauvism are offset by formal abstraction. This unique approach and distinctive aesthetic has guided our endeavours and is richly reflected in our Déco Collection.