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tin humidor

The Tin Humidor brings a new quality of
storage to a much broader audience.

Tin Humidor 900


Precise, reliable and highly functional, the Tin Humidor has been designed to enable tea and coffee as well as a wide range of other epicurean delights – such as cigars, saffron, truffles, medicinal herbs and vanilla pods – to be maintained in ideal conditions. Through a unique storage solution that protects its content from most degrading contaminants (such as air, odour, light and too much or too little moisture – depending on the item stored), the Tin Humidor ensures the preservation of long-term freshness at an optimal (and adjustable) level of humidity.

Our latest innovation enjoys international patents, as well as
design and trademark protection.

The Tin Humidor features a double wall, comprised of an inner and outer container, which hosts 2-way relative humidity control packs, complete with an airtight, double-lipped silicone gasket in the outer lid, as well as one in the outer container’s base.

  • Volume: 900ml
  • Dimensions: 106mm x 106mm x 151mm
  • Weight: 500g
  • Tin Humidor 900 is available in white and in grey

“We have been working on creating the perfect Tin Humidor as a sibling product to our original Tea Humidor, and have been keen to open up the benefits of optimal storage for all taste aficionados to enjoy, and not only cater to the luxury market. This is the product we envisioned years ago and we are extremely pleased with the finished result.”