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Lotusier offers a complimentary personalisation service for each Tea Humidor. Removable stainless steel plaques, magnetically fitted onto the Humidor’s inner lid, can be hand-engraved (up to 15 characters each) – e.g. with the names of favourite teas, or with the names/initials of the Tea Humidor’s owner(s) or the recipient (if a gift).

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The Tea Humidor is a unique luxury gift.

We are pleased to take orders for gifting – for personal as well as corporate gifts, and also for special occasions requiring multiple Tea Humidors. Each piece is beautifully presented in refined and attractive packaging.



The Tea Humidor is the ideal way to preserve
the freshness and quality of tea.


The Tea Humidor is the ideal way to preserve the freshness and quality of tea. Tea has five major "enemies": air, light, heat, moisture, and odour. The Humidor elegantly and effectively secures tea from exposure to all of these contaminants, with the sole exception of heat, which can be easily regulated by controlling the temperature setting in the space where the Tea Humidor is placed.

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The tea is stored in hand-blown crystal containers, innovatively designed and purpose-made, with four air channels to ensure an even distribution of humidity. A humidity pack fits within a stainless steel base under the container and offers a special two-way humidification system – allowing for humidity to be removed as well as added, as per requirement (most different tea varieties are optimally preserved within a 55-70% relative humidity range).

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The Tea Humidor includes 4 or 6 hygrometers (depending on the configuration) which provide a reliable measure of the relative humidity level in each individual crystal container. These removable German-made instruments are placed securely on the inside of each crystal container’s lid. The humidity percentage can be read at a glance on the hygrometer dial. The Humidor also contains a German-made thermometer, positioned on the inner lid of the Tea Humidor, which measures the temperature inside the box.

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If you wish to customise your Tea Humidor, we are pleased to offer a private commission service.


From simple personalisation to new designs, materials and sizes, we have an impressive team of expert designers, technicians and world-class artisans who will bring your vision to life.

Bespoke vision


The Lotusier Tea Humidor is ideal for customisation and special design features to give it a uniquely personal identity. It is a pleasure and positive challenge for us to create a magical Humidor that is specific to you and absolutely one-of-a-kind, while embodying Lotusier’s signature aesthetic. This can be as simple or elaborate as you wish - from monograms or names to bespoke designs, materials and sizes. We take pride in developing an idea from its first conception to its full realization. With the deep and diverse pool of master artisans and technical experts that we draw from – across centres of excellence in Western Europe and around the world – the possibilities are almost limitless.

A Creative Partnership

The needs and wishes of our clients are at the forefront of what we do. We listen carefully, and are highly meticulous, inventive and resourceful in turning your vision into a reality through our creative sensibilities. The client is consulted at every stage of the customisation process, and we welcome your feedback and input and the challenges you set us. Hence each bespoke Tea Humidor is a co-creation – between us and the client.


Lotusier has a highly skilled and experienced team of in-house designers and technical experts, along with an extensive network of world-class artisans, to bring your wishes to fruition. Our team includes Parisian masters in wood marquetry, world-renowned glass-blowers in Venice, Swiss experts in metallurgy and German precision-instrument makers, among others. Our exceptional and rare resources will ensure that your bespoke Tea Humidor is a refined combination of aesthetic design, outstanding craftsmanship, and the finest materials – while of course being superbly functional.


Please contact us to liaise with Lotusier’s Creative Team.