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Some of our labours of love encompass over 20 distinct components, crafted in twelve workshops, in four countries.

Each Humidor showcases the work of a number of highly skilled artisans, as displayed in the meticulous marquetry of its designs in wood, the luminously sculpted contours of its crystalware, and its refined metallurgy - hand-crafted in France, Italy and Switzerland. The Humidor opens to reveal a lustrous array of four or six crystal containers (depending on the chosen configuration) that form the hub of an elegantly conceived two-way humidification system. Each individual hand-blown crystal container is surmounted by a lid encompassing a (removable) German-made hygrometer, and the Humidor itself features a thermometer and a range of bespoke accessories. Each piece is an epitome of the use of tradition and striking beauty - seamlessly incorporating technology and practicality - which characterises the Lotusier Tea Humidor.


The core team of Lotusier comprises diverse skills and expertise with a distinct international flair – including architects, engineers and designers – who are collectively dedicated to conceptualizing and designing exquisite solutions of the very highest standard, entwining an elevated sense of beauty and practicality. The multi-faceted Tea Humidor – which is both highly functional and an objet d’art – was the first venture and adventure into this world of collectable labours-of-love and epitomizes this ethos. A wealth of design talent, scientific experience and artisanal tradition has been brought to bear in crafting a thoughtfully curated portfolio of products. This drive to create and innovate is a continuous journey that is ever unfolding…

Lotusier’s array of hand-made creations has benefitted immeasurably from the company’s interior design roots, and in particular its bespoke solutions. These artisanal products perfectly embody Lotusier’s emblematic attention to detail, its penchant for innovation, and a signature aesthetic that is both rich and contemporary. Many of its vanguard innovations have secured international patents, with more patents pending, and set new standards in their respective fields. Yet, all this began as a humble and personal quest by Lotusier’s founder, Åsa Eriksson-Ahuja, to create a unique gift for someone special – a search that proved so fascinating and revealed so much potential that it soon became an inexorable passion. Lotusier’s journey of many years in researching, developing and perfecting the Tea Humidor has since led it to embark on multiple new journeys, inspired by special requests from its clients for creations designed to care for other precious and prized collectables. Hence, in addition to rare teas, the Lotusier team is now fully devoted to a new calling: enhancing the art of preserving and enjoying exquisite jewellery, complicated watches and fine cigars. To this end, Lotusier is always actively working on furthering its range of new products. Clients’ needs are always at the centre of what Lotusier designs and why it creates.

Following a long-standing collaboration, it is with pride and enthusiasm that Lotusier recently joined forces with Elie Bleu, the legendary Parisian humidor and cabinet maker, which is the global benchmark in exquisite marquetry and synonymous with superlative refinement and savoir faire. As a result, Lotusier’s entire range is hand-crafted by, and co-branded with, Elie Blue Paris.

Mindfulness and care are fundamental to Lotusier’s values and all that it undertakes. In all its dealings the team is highly cognizant of the provenance of its products and its practices, and is meticulous in making sure that every aspect is ethically and responsibly sourced and undertaken. The company goes to great lengths to find woods that are not only of the highest quality but are also obtained from ecologically sustainable forestry (using only wood that is Forest Stewardship Council certified). This is in keeping with Lotusier’s philosophy of looking towards the future – relying heavily on natural materials and fibres that are recyclable – while drawing on the finest renewable sources.

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